20 Random Facts About Me

SFO_02 (154)Hey everyone☀

I’ve had quite a busy week (finals around the corner!), but if everything worked out well, the semester is almost over. The worst is behind me and I am more than ready for a holiday.
I thought it was time to tell you 20 random facts about me to get to know me a bit better. I love reading random facts about other people, as it is an easy way to find out something new about them. 
Let’s get started 😉

  1. Over the past 6 years I moved 7 times. I even moved from Austria to Switzerland twice. My parents helped me every time and I think we are now moving experts.
    I hope I will not move anytime soon, I would be too scared to tell them. 🙂
  2. Palm trees and young coconuts cause instant happiness.
  3. I can only sleep with earplugs and when it is pitch dark. No matter if I’m in the plane or alone in the most silent room ever.
  4. Sarcasm is my second language.
  5. My favorite destination is Asia. Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China, I can’t decide which is my favorite.
  6. Even though I feel like I’m a super health conscious person, my secret (or not so secret?) weakness is Red Bull Sugarfree. Iced cold. I know…
  7. I love rooftop bars and skylines.
  8. Once I had the crazy idea of making an around-the-world-trip in 2 weeks. Within five days, I set foot on four different continents. After that vacation I had a serious travel, airplane and aviation crisis (from which I recovered, luckily).
  9. I was working as a cabin crew for 5 years. At the moment I fly on a freelance contract. When not flying you’ll find me at the university.
  10. I tend to be super clumsy. I drop or spill something almost on a daily basis.
  11. A few years ago I started collecting Starbucks City Mugs when on a layover or vacation. It turned out to be a rather expensive and time-consuming hobby, since it sometimes takes me hours to find a Starbucks that has them in stock. My collection has grown to more than 40 mugs now.
  12. I prefer summer over winter. Just can’t stand the cold.
  13. I try to avoid animal products as much as possible and therefore consider myself as 95% vegan.
  14. My friends think I’m crazy, but I always (!) use sun protection to protect my face, both in summer and winter. At least SPF 30, usually more.
  15. Chia, matcha, goji, acai and hemp are my best friends in the kitchen.
  16. I am the biggest hypochondriac ever. Whenever I have a major (or no real) health issue, I’m afraid of having a severe disease and that I will die any time soon.
  17. I. just. don’t. like. coffee.
  18. I was born and raised in Salzburg and I have so much love for this city. Whenever I see pictures of Salzburg, I get nostalgic.
  19. Most of the time I bring a lunch box with me, since it’s not always easy to find something vegan and healthy. University, excursions, trains, planes, etc… I always bring something to eat. It’s not only budget-friendly, I also know exactly what I’m eating and make sure to reduce the consumption of processed food to a minimum.
  20. My next destination is….JORDAN! I am super excited, since Petra in Jordan has been on my travel bucket list for quite some time. So, if you’ve been there and have some last-minute tips for me, feel free to share. 🙂 I’m busy getting everything organized and packing my bags (hand-luggage only, as we are 4 people sharing a car to explore as much as possible!). Stay tuned for more.these pictures were taken during summer, when I went to San Francisco with my parents.
SFO_02 (148) Kopie

By the way, the pictures were taken last summer when I went to San Francisco with my parents. Nice memories. Credits: CtheSky.com

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  1. Rugu says:

    Point 10 – tats so Carola… But she can make you laugh about it at the instant… Miss you in my kitchen…

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