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Catalina Island, Dominican Republic.

“If paradise had a name, it would be called Catalina Island.”

Catalina Island 14 |

This blog post is about my trip to Catalina Island. Having had a hard time deciding where to go (read my “struggle” here), there was this great deal for the Dominican Republic. And as the flights to and from Punta Cana matched perfectly with my schedule, the decision was made. So, in July I stayed four days in an enormous resort in La Romana. Honestly I went there with mixed feelings, as I am not a fan of package tourism, where your day is basically pre-set and your individualism is limited. BUT;


Travel Bucket List.

travel bucket list

Travel Bucket List

I think every traveler has their own travel bucket list or at least some places they really would like to see. To me there is no such feeling as visiting places I can’t wait to see and tick them off my bucket list. It is so rewarding as it feels like I reach a goal whenever I manage to go to a certain place (as time and money is always limited). Inspired by Julia from I decided to put my dreams to paper and actually write down my travel bucket list. I thought it might be inspiring for others to see where I would like to go and what I would like to experience. I will try to keep this list updated and add items to it or tick some of them off.

So here is my (always incomplete always changing) personal travel bucket list. I would love to know what places YOU would like to visit. If you don’t mind sharing, please leave a comment and tell me what you are dying to see. Let’s inspire each other, travel enthusiasts! 🙂