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Sightseeing Flight ZRH-SFO.


Come fly with me, let’s fly let’s fly away…

In today’s article I would like to share with you the best seat to spot the Golden Gate Bridge before approaching the airport of San Francisco.

I think many people seem to have a wrong idea about what it means to be a cabin crew member. And sometimes I am not surprised when having a look on the Instagram feed of many “blogging flight attendants“. You will find some cloudporn here (please excuse my French), a picture from the flight deck there and in between some “crewfies” of smiling crew members with red lipstick.


Life Update: A New Chapter.

Hello everyone,

today’s blogpost will be a bit different from what I usually post. I was thinking of giving my blog a bit more of a personal touch in addition to my travel section. That is why I am going to give you a review about my summer and also tell you what I am up to now.


Airport Hacks – How To Travel Like A Pro.

airport hacks 4 |

This article is about how to travel smart when it comes to airports. It contains useful airport hacks on how to save time and nerves. It will guide you through the confusing labyrinth of airport facilities and take away some of the stress.