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Impressions from Kronborg Castle, Denmark.

Kronborg Castle

Impressions from Kronborg Castle, Denmark.

Weekends are for traveling, right? Exploring new spots is such a nice way to end a week and enrich my Erasmus stay here in Denmark. I am kind of busy during the week (hello class attendance!). Therefore I only have the weekends to explore as much of Copenhagen and its surroundings as possible.


Feeling Alive in the Dead Sea – Jordan.

dead sea jordan

Dipping into the healing waters of the Dead Sea is truly a unique experience. Covered with mud, the Dead Sea brings my skin back to life.

THE MOMENT I put my foot inside the water, I knew there was something unusual. When I was completely in the water, my body was floating towards the surface. No matter how hard I tried to stay under the water, my body was always upside the water. After a few attempts I took advantage of that situation by reading a newspaper while effortlessly floating on the surface.


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