Aviation Event, Frankfurt.

“Take-off or Touchdown: What is the magic Formula for being successful in Aviation?”

While you are reading these lines I am currently en-route to Frankfurt, where I will spend the next couple of days. The main reason for my stay is the Aviation Event taking place tomorrow, May 04th 2017. Aviation Event is a business platform for all players in the aviation industry, mostly on a management level. This year they are also introducing the aspect of Social Media in the aviation industry.

In this context, I’m happy to announce that I will participate in the social media panel discussion, together with five other female blogging cabin and flight crew members. The panel discussion will be held under the subject “Power of Social Media in Aviation”. We will talk about a couple of topics such as: How does Social Media influence the aviation industry? What are the risks, what are the chances? How do Social Media channels influence Marketing? Here you will find the whole agenda, if you would like to know more about it.

Needless to say, I am super curious, but also a little bit anxious about this conference. Curious because it combines two of my main interests, aviation and Social Media. And anxious because it is the first time taking part in a panel discussion in front of aviation experts. The panel starts tomorrow at 4.30 pm local time at HOLM, the House of Logistics & Mobility at Frankfurt Airport. So, if you are around and see me, please say hi. I would love to chat with you! 🙂

Aviation Event asked me to take part in the discussion due to my activity on Instagram and my job as a flight attendant. But keep in mind that I will participate as a private person and not on behalf of my airline.

And if you have some tips for must sees in Frankfurt, please let me know. Since it is my first time in Frankfurt, I might make some time to explore the city a bit.

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