5 Cool Things To Do In Bratislava.

Bratislava 19 | www.CtheSky.comBratislava – picturesque, historic and rich in contrast.

5 Cool Things To Do In Bratislava.

I had told you in my latest post that I am planning on discovering my surrounding area in addition to my long distance trips. No sooner said than done: one week ago I went to Bratislava.

While Slovakia was never my first priority in terms of destinations I had to see, I am glad I finally went there. I didn’t go with huge expectations, as I heard from many people that there was not much to do or to see. How wrong they were! I agree that as a tourist you might not spend a whole week in Bratislava, but there is for sure quite some things to see in the capital of the Slovak Republic. In addition to that Bratislava is truly picturesque, historic and rich in contrast.
Bratislava is very easy to reach from Vienna is super easy. Trains go every hour and the tickets are reasonable (around 16€ for a return-trip). The ride takes only an hour as Bratislava is literally across the border from Austria. So, if you are visiting Vienna, a day-trip to Bratislava is recommendable! 🙂

Here are 5 cool things to do when in Bratislava for a day

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1. Historic center of Bratislava

Stroll through the old town of Bratislava. This one is very obvious, as it is feels natural to have a look at the old town of a city you visit. The historic center of Bratislava is truly vivid. Get lost in the small alleys, be amazed by the brightly colored rooftops and have a look at the countless churches and other stunning buildings house embassies. Wander along the ancient town walls and try to find the narrowest house in Slovakia (maybe in the whole of Europe?). Located next to Michael’s Tower, the narrowest house dates back to the 18th century. Nowadays it is home to a Kebab shop. 😉 Try not to miss it, as it is only 130cm broad. Also keep your eyes open for the eye-catching sculptures in human size that are located all over the old town. They add a very modern touch to the historic center and are fun to take a cheesy touristic picture with. The most famous statue is Čumil, which means „the watcher“. It is of a man sticking out of a manhole.

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2. Main square – Hlavné námestie

When in the historic center you cannot miss the main square, in Slovak Hlavné námestie. It is one of the most famous squares in Bratislava and often regarded as the historic center of the city. In the main square you will find the well-known Old Town Hall and Roland Fountain, which is also known as Maximilian’s Fountain. My favorite corner in Hlavné námestie is the row of houses, to be more specific the light green, yellow and blue houses right next to each other. Together with the fountain in the middle of the main square, they make up a magnificent setting. Don’t miss the possibility to go up the tower of the Old Town Hall. Somehow I (bad travel blogger) did not think about doing that, but at least it gives me a good reason to visit Bratislava again. 🙂 According to pictures you will overlook the main square and the colorful buildings of the old town from up there. So make sure to go up the tower. 😉

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3. Bratislava Castle

The Bratislava Castle, also known as Hrad, is the most iconic landmark in Bratislava, due to its location on a hilltop high above the city. Therefore the Hrad overlooks the city of Bratislava as well as the Danube River. With its beaming white facade and its red terra-cotta colored rooftops it looks so impressive and clean at the same time. Only a short walk away from the old town and rather easy accessible it is truly worth the short ramble. The Hrad itself includes four towers, whereas the tallest tower is located on the southwest corner and four entrance gates.


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4. Spectacular view over Bratislava

Once at the Castle don’t miss to enjoy the best view of the historical center of Bratislava. On the right side of the Danube River there are countless apartment buildings that were built during the communist era. The architecture of these massive tower complexes brings you back to the former Soviet Union. On the left side of the Danube River one will see the city center of Bratislava with its colorful rooftops. If you are looking for a spot to take nice pictures from above or you just like to enjoy the magnificent view this is the place to be. The old town looks so majestic from above, especially with the dominating St. Martin’s Cathedral.

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5. Lunch at Mondieu

It’s known that I am following the motto: eat well, travel often. Honestly we did not have much time looking for vegan options within the Slovak cuisine. But we went to a place that I can recommend to everyone who is into fresh and healthy food. Mondieu is a French style café that is located in the heart of the historical city center. Many dishes from their menu seemed appealing to me. As a result I had a hard time choosing the right dish for me. Quinoa-bowls, fresh salads, hummus, avocado toasts, milled porridge, fresh lemonades and raw cakes, to mention some items from their menu. They even offers some vegan options. Oh, and make sure to try their raw vegan cakes, they are to die for.

Laurinská 7
81101 Bratislava-Staré Mesto

There is also another branch a few meters away from the one at Laurinská, located on Panská 258/27.


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Have you already been to Bratislava? If yes, what did you like most about the city? And have you already been to other places in Slovakia?

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    Sehr schön geschrieben und tolle Eindrücke! Hätte nicht gedacht, dass Bratislava so sehenswert ist! Definitiv eine Reise wert 🙂

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