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Hohenwerfen Castle, Salzburgerland.

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Hohenwerfen Castle, Salzburgerland.

Last weekend I attended my very first blogger convention. I took part at Salt and the City, Salzburg’s blogger convention that took already place the second year in a row. The first day was packed with speeches, workshops, yummy food and networking. I got to know so many lovely blogger girls and boys and was amazed by their openness and friendliness. Having the same passion really connects. 🙂

The second day we went on an excursion to Salzburgerland. For those of you who are not familiar with this region, Salzburg is not only the name of the city of Salzburg but also the name of the federal state of Salzburg, also called Salzburgerland. Our destination was the Castle Hohenwerfen.


Hohenwerfen Castle
BurgstraĂźe 2
A-5450 Werfen


Located in Pongau, around 50 kilometers south of the city of Salzburg, the medieval castle of Hohenwerfen was easily accessible by car. It’s a shame, having lived in Salzburg for more than 20 years I have never managed to go there, even though it’s just around the corner. Nevertheless I do see things with a different eye since I have been flying and traveling. Sometimes you have to travel far away to appreciate things that are close. We took the cable car up. Alternatively you can also walk up there. It will take you approximately 30-60 minutes depending on your personal level of fitness and the number of photo-stops you are planning.

The weather was unsettled, which did not bother me as the castle looked much more authentic with the trees on top of the hill covered in fog.

The fortress itself is well maintained and takes visitors back to the Middle Ages. Some of the parts of the castle you get to see are the castle towers, the ancient clockwork, torture chambers, a trapdoor leading to an oubliette in 9 meters depth.

The second item on the itinerary was the flight demonstration by the Historic State Falconry Center. Usually I am skeptical when it comes to animals being used for entertainment, but if you are interested in that long tradition is it impressive to see birds in free fall.

It was a very versatile and interesting day and I gained a lot new impressions about castles in the Salzburg area and the Middle Ages.

I have decided to find a balance between long-distance journeys and discovering my country. I am planning on also exploring more of my “neighborhood”, since there are so many lovely places in and around Austria I haven’t visited yet. So stay tuned for a bit of Austria and Europe hopping. 🙂

Have you been to the Hohenwerfen Castle before? What’s next on your personal travel-agenda?

Safe travels, Carola


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