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Aviation Event Day 1 – Airport Tour, Frankfurt Airport.


Aviation Event, Frankfurt.

“Take-off or Touchdown: What is the magic Formula for being successful in Aviation?”


Iguazu Falls, Argentina vs Brazil.

Iguazu Falls - Argentina vs Brazil

Iguazu Falls: What You Must Know When Visiting.

If I had to describe my travels to South America with only one word, it would be eye-opening. The time spent there was eye-opening in so many ways and I remember everything as it was only yesterday and not four months ago. Not only did I finally see my last one of the New7Wonders of the World, I also saw another one of the New7Wonders of Nature: After the Table Mountain in South Africa one year ago, it was time to visit the Iguazu Falls.



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Hey fellow traveler and adventure seeker,

a few days ago I was updating my personal world map for the blog. And I realized I was setting foot on country #47 when traveling to Finland last week. Looking at this map it still feels so surreal to me. I am really, really grateful for every place I was able to see. And it’s nothing I take it for granted. Before I started flying seven years ago I’ve neven been outside of Europe. A lot has changed over the past years. Now the world feels almost ‘small’ to me, even though there is a LOT I haven’t seen yet (there is still a lot of grey on the map..).



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Helsinki With A Local.

Helsinki Rooftop Solo Sokos Hotel Torni

Helsinki With A Local.

“It’s Nordic, but not Scandinavian, halfway between Stockholm and Saint Petersburg, and only eighteen minutes from Tallinn by helicopter.”
(Louis Vuitton City Guide 2008)

Helsinki lies not only from a geographical perspective between Stockholm and Saint Petersburg, but can also be classified as somewhere in-between. I read this many times and even though I haven’t been to any of them before, I can clearly see something of both, Russian and Scandinavian influence in the architecture and cityscape. When walking through the streets I caught myself many times comparing Helsinki to Copenhagen or Moscow. Scandinavian minimalism meets Russian magnificence. A good mix, that cannot be overlooked when passing some of the countless cafés and interior stores.


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