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My Next Travel Plans – Fulfilling a Dream.

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Long time, no travels. As much as I love the change of settings and my steadier life, I sometimes miss my old busy airport life and all the traveling. That’s why it makes me beyond happy to finally have some travels on my agenda again. And this time it is something big, something I’ve been dreaming of for quite some time now. But first things first. Those of you who follow me on Instagram or have read my Travel Bucket List from this summer know how obsessed I am with the New7Wonders of the World.


Life Update: A New Chapter.

Hello everyone,

today’s blogpost will be a bit different from what I usually post. I was thinking of giving my blog a bit more of a personal touch in addition to my travel section. That is why I am going to give you a review about my summer and also tell you what I am up to now.


Travel Bucket List.

travel bucket list

Travel Bucket List

I think every traveler has their own travel bucket list or at least some places they really would like to see. To me there is no such feeling as visiting places I can’t wait to see and tick them off my bucket list. It is so rewarding as it feels like I reach a goal whenever I manage to go to a certain place (as time and money is always limited). Inspired by Julia from I decided to put my dreams to paper and actually write down my travel bucket list. I thought it might be inspiring for others to see where I would like to go and what I would like to experience. I will try to keep this list updated and add items to it or tick some of them off.

So here is my (always incomplete always changing) personal travel bucket list. I would love to know what places YOU would like to visit. If you don’t mind sharing, please leave a comment and tell me what you are dying to see. Let’s inspire each other, travel enthusiasts! 🙂


Crew Life: Eating Healthy As A Flight Attendant.

Eating healthy as a cabin crew member 4 |

Crew Life: Eating Healthy As A Flight Attendant

Welcome to another Crew Life post. ✈️ A question I often get is how I manage to eat fresh, healthy and vegan while flying and traveling so much. Well, it is not always easy and requires a bit of organization. But I have some tricks and habits that are the key to success. 🙂


Crew Life: Flight Attendant Q&A.

Crew Life: Flight Attendant Q&A.

Crew Life: Flight Attendant Q&A

You ask, I answer. 🙂

Thank you so much for the numerous questions on Instagram regarding my job as a flight attendant. This blogpost contains most of the questions you have asked me. I am planning on doing some more “Crew-Life-posts” in the future to give you a nice insight into the life of a flight attendant  🙂

So let’s get started!