Crew Life: Hello Boeing-777.

Crew Life: Hello Boeing 777.

Hey aviation lovers,

when people asked me what planes I was flying, my proud reply was: “I am an Airbus girl.” It might sound cheesy, but the Airbus-A320 was the first airplane I was trained on when I started flying. Therefore we have a very special relationship and I always feel a bit like coming home. 😉 I know the plane and the cabin like the back of my hand: not only am I familiar with the exact location of all the emergency equipment but also the procedures, calls, special features. And I know my way around in the galleys (also known as board kitchens, for those of you who are not flying), even though I don’t fly so much anymore.

When we got our first Boeings in 2016, I had to say goodbye to some of my most favorite ultra-longhaul destinations, such as Hong Kong. Suddenly I was not able anymore to operate all the destinations in our network. I knew that with my position and contract it would take forever to get the rating on the 77W (Boeing 777). But I accepted that quite fast, since I could always fly to all those destinations as a passenger, if I wanted to.

But when I knew I was finally getting the training on the 77W, I was not so euphoric anymore. I was a bit skeptical, to be honest. To me, it felt like having an iPhone for seven years and suddenly having a Samsung. And I had to operate both of them equally well. You know what I mean? In tinglish you would say “same, same, but different”. I know, both are planes, but so different in their whole system and operation.

And after my first flight with the B77W I have to say that my skepticism decreased. Quite the contrary, I kind of love the Triple Seven. Sure, many safety related items are completely different and require a lot of concentration and rethink. With 340 seats in total, it is the biggest aircraft in our fleet. Especially the service in economy class can be a challenge for the gallery coordinator and the crew. We have two galleys on that plane instead of one and around 100 passengers more. It is a huge plane, in terms of size and seats. A lot of people are crowded together in a small space, which seems overwhelming at first. But I got used to it quite fast (it is actually like riding a bicycle) and already on the return flight I already felt a bit “at home”.

And I really love how modern it is! <3 The cabin looks so new and polished and our resting areas are just great! A real game changer. What I fancy a lot are the special details, such as the map near the entrance door or the wall between business and economy class. Classy and discreet, like the color theme. I uploaded some photos of the 77W. I took them with my iPhone, so please excuse the quality, but they hopefully give you an insight. 🙂

Many happy landings,

 77W Swiss77W swiss77W Swiss 77W Swiss 77W Swiss 77W Swiss 77W Swiss77W Swiss77W Swiss 77W Swiss 77W Swiss

✈️  Boeing-777 
77W / HB-JND

📍 Zurich Airport 

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