Feeling Alive in the Dead Sea – Jordan.

dead sea jordan

Dipping into the healing waters of the Dead Sea is truly a unique experience. Covered with mud, the Dead Sea brings my skin back to life.

THE MOMENT I put my foot inside the water, I knew there was something unusual. When I was completely in the water, my body was floating towards the surface. No matter how hard I tried to stay under the water, my body was always upside the water. After a few attempts I took advantage of that situation by reading a newspaper while effortlessly floating on the surface.

dead sea jordan

WHEN IT COMES TO TRAVELING nothing beats unique experiences. After dipping into Jordan’s culture and having had an amazing, but exhausting time exploring the Ancient City of Petra, I needed a bit down-time. My heart was filled with joy after these wonderful adventures, but my body was screaming relaxation. I had one day left in Jordan and that’s why I was really excited for a calm beach day at the Dead Sea before hopping on the plane back home. Palm trees, salty air and relaxation. A pure bliss!

BUT WHAT IS IT THAT MAKES THE DEAD SEA SO UNIQUE? The Dead Sea could be described as a giant salt-lake, as it has the world’s saltiest water. It is situated at 420 meters below sea level at the lowest point on dry land and it is surrounded by Israel, the West Bank and Jordan.

But there is more to it than salt, the magic water is said to have a positive impact on one’s health and well-being. On the first sight it seems to be a nice beach with palm trees. But on the bottom of the Dead Sea there is a slimy layer of mud and that is it that makes that place so special. The mud has restorative effects and is known for healing inflammations. It is enriched with tons of minerals such as magnesium, sodium and phosphates. And it is said to improve skin and certain lung and heart conditions. Sounds perfect to get back on track!

dead sea jordan

THE BEST AND MOST NATURAL DIY- “SPA” TREATMENT comes from Mother Nature. All I needed was some of the sludgy black Dead Sea mud, found in ceramic pots on the beach. I gently rubbed it over my whole body and face until I was completely covered by a thick layer of black mud. I tried extra hard not to miss any inches of my body when applying the mud which lead to a muddy-bathing suit. So be careful not to wear your favorite bathing suit!

WHEN YOU ARE COMPLETELY COVERED WITH MUD you might feel a little bit dirty, which is absolutely fine. I let it dry until my skin looked crackled like elephant skin. Every movement and face expression was followed by a little tension as the drying mud gets firm. But as they say, you have to suffer to be beautiful. While I was waiting for it to dry, I asked myself: “How will I ever be able to remove the mud again?”

The most efficient way is to get into the water and scrub it away. Be patient as this might take even longer than applying the mud. It feels like forever until I really reached every area of my body. Make sure not to get the salt water into your eyes as it burns like hell! Speaking of burning: that sweet burn on scratches or freshly-shaved skin is an indicator for healing, so I pushed through it.

dead sea jordan

ONCE ALL THE MUD WAS REMOVED, I was rewarded with the softest skin ever. I truly felt as young as a spring chicken. The Dead Sea mud really brought my skin back to life. My first thought was “can my skin always be like that?”. I was tempted not to bring a huge bottle of mud back to Europe in order to do this back home. In that moment I was happy I already got covered at the AHAVA shop, a store that is using the benefits of the Dead Sea for their beauty products. Their hand creams, scrubs and face masks are enriched with Dead Sea mud and minerals, which make them a good compromise back home. And they don’t test on animals, which is a huge plus! But nothing can beat the feeling after the treatment with the real mud in pure nature together with the salty air and the pleasant temperatures in January.

I WAS NOT YET READY TO LEAVE PARADISE, that’s why I stayed at the beach until the sun set. I dipped one more time into the Dead Sea. It was absolutely beautiful when the sun set, as the soft candy cotton colored water of the Dead Sea was shining golden-yellow shortly before it got dark. I felt rejuvenated and my batteries were recharged. Mission accomplished. 😉

Have you ever been to the Dead Sea? If yes, to the Israel or Jordan side? What was your best experience? I would love to hear your funny mud stories! 🙂

4 Responses to Feeling Alive in the Dead Sea – Jordan.

  1. Liliana says:

    That sounds amazing, Carola!
    But is that “public” or is it like a natural reservation, with hotels and/or spa’s around the sea, do we have to pay any fees?
    Are there actually many people around?

    Have a nice day!!

    • Carola says:

      Dear Liliana,
      it was truly awesome! <3 We stayed at the Mövenpick Hotel and got free access to their section of the beach. There are a few hotels in that area that all have access to the Dead Sea. But the mud itself comes from the Dead Sea and I assume there must be a way of doing a day trip without staying at a hotel.
      I was in January, where there were not many tourists. But unfortunately Jordan is generally affected by all that stuff that is going on in the neighboring countries.
      Hope I could help you,

  2. Sehr schöne Eindrücke! Ein toller Bericht, den du da geschrieben hast.

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