Impressions from Kronborg Castle, Denmark.

Kronborg Castle

Impressions from Kronborg Castle, Denmark.

Weekends are for traveling, right? Exploring new spots is such a nice way to end a week and enrich my Erasmus stay here in Denmark. I am kind of busy during the week (hello class attendance!). Therefore I only have the weekends to explore as much of Copenhagen and its surroundings as possible.

Kronborg Castle

I really take advantage of the nice weather here in Denmark, meaning nothing but sunshine and indian summer vibes. I keep on telling myself every day that I have to make the most out of this perfect weather, before fall and winter hit us (remember we are in Scandinavia!).

Two weeks ago I went to Helsingør in the north-eastern part of Zealand to visit Denmark’s most famous castle, Kronborg Castle. It is home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

Kronborg Castle
Kronborg 2C
3000 Helsingør

The entrance fee is 90DKK (80DKK for students), which is around 11/12€. Kronborg Castle is not only something for you if you are interested in history or Shakespeare in particular. There is a lot to see and to gaze at if you are into beautiful things and harmony: Baroque towers, columns, casemates and dozens of turquoise copper roofs. If you are really into the history of Hamlet, attend one of the guided tours (some of them are offered for free!). Or wander around and learn more about Hamlet and the castle. We did the latter one and explored the Kronborg Castle on our own.

Kronborg Castle

The highlights of Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle itself is really spacious and has some pretty corners. I was impressed by the pompous ballroom, that initially was built to be the most beautiful ballroom in Europe. The highlight of the 60 meters long room is definitely the marble floor and the luxurious chandeliers.

I really fell in love with a rounded Baroque tower you will see on most of my pictures. I pay attention to details and this tower really got me. It’s turquoise copper facade with scrolls make a harmonious arrangement with the squiggly balcony and the orange window shades. Major love! I imagine someone standing on that little balcony many, many years ago, looking down on that pretty castle. 🙂

The last stop of our visit was a walk through the underground passages of Kronborg Castle, that served as a protection during war. To me that casemates were kind of scary, even though they had a certain charm. It was mostly pitch dark and I felt like walking a labyrinth. I was glad I did not wander around on my own and was relieved when we came out again. 😉 But nevertheless it was an experience!

Kronborg Castle

C’s Tipp

One rooftop in the corner of the castle is accessible to tourists. Take the long spiral staircase that leads you up on top of the building. Going up there was my personal highlight of the day! The way up might not be something for everyone, as the spiral staircase counts 150 steps. But the view from up there makes the way up so, so worth it! In addition to that it is a beautiful place to have a break. It is not a secret that I love seeing landscapes and buildings from above. I did not only have a fantastic view on the castle itself, but also the beautiful baroque tower, the sea and Sweden, as the castle is situated between the coasts of Denmark and Sweden.

Here are some more impressions of Kronborg Castle. It is definitely worth it when you have more time or want to see different things than Copenhagen. 🙂

Kronborg CastleKronborg CastleKronborg Castle Kronborg Castle Kronborg CastleKronborg CastleKronborg CastleKronborg Castle Kronborg CastleKronborg Castle

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