Road Trip: Blyde River Canyon.

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Take me on a trip, I’d like to go some day..

I really, really like road trips: the freedom of going wherever you want to, have spontaneousĀ stops at every beautiful corner and just go with the flow without having a schedule or sometimes even without having a route planned. I think it is my favorite way of transportation (besides flying of course). šŸ˜‰

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After our last road trip to Kruger Nationalpark (find the post HERE), we went on another road trip to the Blyde River Canyon.Ā The Blyde River Canyon is one of the largest canyons in the world and also the greenest one. The canyon is located in the province Mpumalanga in the North East and is part of the Drakensberg mountains in South Africa. The climate is subtropical and it is super green here, even though it was quite a drop of temperature due to its altitude.

We rented a car and went from Hoedspruit all the way to Graskop, where the Panorama RouteĀ starts.Ā  To us it was aĀ  2-days-roadtrip, but I guess you could do the same route as we did in one full day, but we got our car around noon and didn’t want to be in a rush.

We started the trip with a huge portion of adrenalin and overcoming fears in Graskop, which I will reveal at a later point šŸ™‚

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We saw a lot of things on the road: starting at two waterfalls that were named after European cities: Lisbon Falls and Berlin Falls.

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Lisbon Falls

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Blyde River Canyon 18 | CtheSky.comBerlin Falls

Blyde River Canyon 4 | CtheSky.comThis picture was taken next to the viewpoint Wonderview.

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The Pinnacle is one of many viewpointsĀ where you can make a stop with your car (for a small fee of usually less than 1 ā‚¬) and walk around or just sit there and enjoy the view.
It was the last thing we saw in the evening before returning to Graskop, where we stayed in a cute lodge.

We’ve been told that the Pinnacle is the best and most beautiful place to watch the sunrise, that’s why we set our alarm early (and by early I mean 04:20 local time!) to drive there and watch the sun rising. It was really magnificent and there is no need to put a filter onĀ these photos šŸ™‚Ā To me, sunrise have something magical. I am usually a sunset-lover, also because it works out much better with my body clock. But watching the sun rise has something calm to me. It’s like a fresh start and I like the magic of new beginnings.

Blyde River Canyon 8 | CtheSky.comThe Pinnacle during daytime.

Blyde River Canyon 12 | CtheSky.comPinky sky shortly before the sun is rising.

Blyde River Canyon 16 | CtheSky.comColorful sunrise at the Pinnacle.

We continued our route to go to other spots on the Panorama route (note: most of the platforms only open at 7 am, therefore we had to kill a lot of time after watching the sunrise!).Ā 

The first stop we made was Bourkey’s Luck Potholes, a beautiful piece of landscape with lots of waterfalls. Parts of South Africa are currently suffering from a heat wave (such as Mpumalanga and Limpopo where we are staying) and it was already super hot by only 8 am.Ā That’s why we enjoyed the waterfalls at Bourkey’s Luck Potholes even more, even when we only dipped our toes in the fresh water.

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Blyde River Canyon 3 |

Blyde River Canyon 2 |

My favorite stop was our last one. The view was beyond beautiful and I enjoyed the green a lot after all these dry days in Kruger Nationalpark.

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