Table Mountain, Cape Town.

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Table Mountain, Cape Town

I am going to start my Cape Town diary with my visit of the Table Mountain, South Africa’s most iconic landmark. I think it is safe to say that from the top of the Table Mountain one has the best and most unique view over “Mother City”.

Before showing you a visual insight into the Table Mountain I would like to share some things that might be helpful when you plan on visiting the Table Mountain.

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❁ The Cable Car

There are basically two possibilities to make it to the top of Table Mountain. If you are very, very sporty, you might just want to hike up the Table Mountain. 🙂 For everyone else who wants to get up in a fast and comfortable way, there is the Table Mountain Cable Car. Depending on what time of the day or day of the week you are going, you might want to buy your ticket online in advance to avoid queuing forever.

I’ve already been to the Table Mountain twice and the first time we had to wait for an hour just to buy the ticket and another hour to finally reach the Cable Car. This time we went earlier in the morning and we were very fast when buying the ticket.

❁ How to reach the Cable Car station

There are multiple ways to reach the Cable Car station: Either by car (there are a lot of parking spots), taxi (I always recommend Uber instead, because it is so convenient!) or by public transport. If you have a MyCiti-card, you can just take the bus 110 from Lower Tafelberg (next to Kloof Nek Road), it will take you to Upper Tafelberg, where the Cable Car departs. Those of you who buy tickets for the “hop-on, hop-off” can reach it easily with the City Sightseeing bus, because the Cable Car in one stop.

❁ Fees

The entrance to the Table Mountain is included in the Cable Car and costs 240ZAR for a return trip for an adult, which is around 14€ or 15CHF/$. There are also student offers on certain days.

 The weather

We had some troubles enjoying a flawless view and taking some nice pictures, due to low visibility. Keep in mind that the weather can be really unpredictable in Cape Town due to its geographically surroundings. Make sure to check online before you go to the Cable Car station, as it might be closed some days due to bad weather and fog. Up there the weather can change within seconds and a clear blue sky turns foggy out of a sudden. I was glad I took both, a light jacket to keep me warm and some shades and sunscreen to protect me from sunrays. 🙂

So here are some pictures that show you what Cape Town looks like from the top of the Table Mountain:

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Table Mountain Cape Town 1 |

a few seconds later there was fog all over.

Table Mountain Cape Town 11 | CtheSky.comTable Mountain Cape Town 9 | CtheSky.comTable Mountain Cape Town 3 | Table Mountain Cape Town 10 | Table Mountain Cape Town 7 | CtheSky.comTable Mountain Cape Town 12 |
I hope I could inspire you to visit the Table Mountain next time you are in Cape Town 🙂 Have you been to the Table Mountain before? Let me know in the comments below!

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