Jordan Travel-Guide.

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No road is long with good company.

Jordan Travel-Guide

After my latest post about my visit of The Ancient City of Petra (found HERE), I’ve prepared a short travel guide about Jordan. I’ve picked some questions I’ve asked myself before visiting Jordan and answered them in the post below. If you still have any questions after reading my travel guide, write a comment or email me! 🙂

Is Jordan safe?

First things first. I got a lot of questions if it was safe to travel to Jordan. Honestly, when we planned that trip, it was the first question that came to my mind. I was a bit nervous after having a look on the neighboring countries and security warnings. I am aware that you cannot generalize the safety of a country and therefore I cannot say whether it is safe or unsafe visiting a certain country, as safety is something very individual and there might be incidents even in “the safest countries”.

Of course there are as in every other country areas that should be avoided and precautions that should be taken. Make sure to be well informed about happenings and the current security situation.

During my trip to Jordan I personally didn’t feel unsafe for a minute! The contrary, I haven’t seen so much friendliness and openness in a long time. Where I’ve been to people were extremely polite, helpful and welcomed us with warmth and hospitality. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the sentence “Welcome to Jordan”.

Best way to explore Jordan?

Due to a change of plans I landed at Amman airport instead of Aqaba. Depending on what your plans are you can chose between the two airports. While Amman is a quite frequently served from major airlines, but many airlines offer only 3-4 weekly flights to Aqaba.

To me, the best way to explore Jordan independently is by car. We rented a car online in advance. But at Amman Airport (AMM) you will also find car rentals. The roads are quite good, petrol is cheap and we always found a free parking spot. Of course there are also taxis and bus services between major cities.

We drove from Amman to Petra, which is around 3 hours driving. And later via the Dead Sea back to Amman.

Is there a specific dress code or behavior?

Jordan is an Islamic country. It is not mandatory for women to wear a headscarf, but nevertheless shoulders and knees should be covered and both, man and women, should not be dressed too revealingly. Please respect the culture and dress appropriately!
Couples in Jordan do not hold hands and kiss in public. Make sure to be discrete with your favorite boy or girl, kissing and other affections are not liked to be seen in public 😉

What to eat/drink?

My favorite topic: food! 🙂 For a foodie like me, every Arabic country is perfect! The cuisine offers a lot of vegan and healthy options. I lived basically on hummus, falafel, veggies and flatbread. Of course there is also meat or traditional dishes such as Maqluba, a dish where meat, fried veggies and rice are put together in a pot and served upside down. Make sure to try some black tea with mint, it is so refreshing!

The best length of your trip?

We spent 4 whole days there (we had 5 days planned, but we lost a day due to a missed connection flight), which was perfect for what we’ve done. Of course you can always spend more time a country, visit more monuments, go with the flow and stay wherever you want.

What to do in Jordan?

We came to Jordan mainly to visit the Ancient City of Petra. HERE you can find my blog post filled with impressions about Petra.

Of course there are many other things to do, such as sleeping in the desert or in a Beduine cave, visiting Amman, Aqaba or Wadi Rum (a huge desert wilderness that is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List), that are still on my bucket-list.

If you have time, I recommend planning one night of relaxation in a nice hotel at the Dead Sea. Even though temperatures in January were not so pleasing in Jordan, we found nice 22 degrees at the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is truly unique: floating in the world’s saltiest waters at the lowest point on earth (420 meters below sea level). My favorite DIY-spa-treatment: covered from head to toe in Dead Sea mud. What looks quite weird and funny is actually great for your skin and offers a lot of health benefits. After 15 minutes the mud was completely dry and I removed it with water. It left my skin silky and smooth and I felt young like a spring chicken. 🙂

I had a hard time choosing from over 500 photos: 

travel guide Jordan 14

Driving all the way from Amman to Petra.

travel guide Jordan 13

The colors of Jordan.

travel guide Jordan 12

One of countless fruit and vegetable stands in Jordan. Tomatoes seem to be very common.

travel guide Jordan 11

Fruits and vegetables distributed from a truck.

travel guide Jordan 10

I really like the contrast between old and modern.

travel guide Jordan 9

On the road. Driving through Jordan was easy as roads are well maintained. The beautiful landscape is the perfect addition.

travel guide Jordan 8

Shortly before reaching Petra, we found that small graveyard next to the road.

travel guide Jordan 7

People in Jordan are very fond of animals. One of the countless cute little cats I wanted to bring home with me.

travel guide Jordan 6

On our way from Petra to the Dead Sea. We got lost, completely lost…

Itravel guide Jordan 6

… but getting lost never was more beautiful. We might have lost some time, but we gained new impressions, beautiful impressions.

travel guide Jordan 5

Our last stop: Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea.

travel guide Jordan 4

Infinity pool sunsets and palm trees. ♥

travel guide Jordan 3

What a sweet escape.

travel guide Jordan 2

Floating into the sunset in the Dead Sea.

travel guide Jordan

Dead sea mud from head to toes.

Disclaimer: this post states my own personal opinion and experiences! It might be possible that you’ve heard or experienced something else.

2 Responses to Jordan Travel-Guide.

  1. Julia says:

    Hey Carola!
    Super schöne Bilder – ich denke Jordanien ist wirklich eine Reise und Erfahrung wert. Wie ich schon auf Instagram geschrieben habe, finde ich die Landschaft hier einfach atemberaubend! Du hast die Facetten wirklich super eingefangen 🙂 Darf ich Fragen welches Objektiv du benutzt? Hab gelesen du hast die EOS 700.
    Liebe Grüße,
    Julia (IG: daysfullofglitter)

    • Carola says:

      Liebe Julia

      Vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar! <3 Es hat sich so gelohnt und ich würde sofort wieder nach Jordanien fliegen, gerade die Landschaft ist ein Traum!
      Hab die Canon EOS 750D und das 18-135 mm Objektiv (das war schon bei der Kamera dabei).

      Liebe Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende,

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