Vegan in Copenhagen.

vegan in copenhagen

Vegan in Copenhagen

The older I get the more traveling is about food and trying new restaurants and cafés. I love finding inspirations on Instagram or HappyCow for vegan (friendly) places I would like to eat at. While being vegan brings so many benefits for me, finding something to eat when abroad can be tricky sometimes. That’s why I prepared this “Vegan in Copenhagen” blogpost to share with you some vegan places I’ve been to.

I admit it: I am a huge fan of vegan restaurants! I think they put so much effort in creating creative and balanced meals (and not just side-dishes), without using many conventional ingredients and recipes. Unfortunately there are not so many vegan restaurants in Copenhagen (yet?), but quite a few places offer vegan options. From what I have experienced, Nørrebro is a very vegan-friendly neighborhood. It is hip, alternativ and multicultural with a lot of easy-going and affordable places. Usually restaurants and cafés mark vegan options on the menu either with a green V or label them. Good to know: the danish word for vegan is “vegansk”. 🙂

Eating out in Denmark is rather pricy compared to Austria, but that is something I got used to very fast. Maybe it would be different if the prices were written in Euros. But as Danish Krones are not the currency I usually use, I try to get a feeling for average danish prices. And of course it always depends on where you go. 😉

Here are some (vegan) restaurants and cafés I’ve been to already in the past month in Copenhagen:

Fully vegan restaurants in Copenhagen


Pilestræde 32, 1112 København

The first vegan meal I had in Copenhagen was a raw sandwich with spicy vegan mayo. I enjoyed it so much I went back for a weekend brunch in the same week. 🙂 42Raw have three branches, but I’ve only been to that one on Pilestæde. Is rather small and popular (=crowded). You order at the counter and the food is been served to your table. Unfortunately they don’t take reservations. But I went there on Saturday morning in a group of 6 people and easily found a place to sit. The interior is stylish with black lamps and golden writings on the wall. Yummy breakfast bowls (chia, açaí, matcha), raw sandwiches and desserts. The portions are rather small, but every bite was delicious. I had some matcha latte with cashew milk (yummy!), that is worth a try.

vegan in copenhagenvegan in copenhagenvegan in copenhagen

Cafe Ñ

Blågårdsgade 17, 2200 København

Café Ñ is located in a pedestrian street in Nørrebro between hipster cafés and bars where a lot of people sit outside. The interior of the café is very colorful with an “indian touch” and they also have seating areas outside. The atmosphere is easygoing and cozy. Order at the counter, take a number and they will bring the food to your place. Super friendly staff (thanks for charging my mobile!). Café Ñ serves different kinds of sandwiches, burgers, desserts and salads. The portions were sufficient and the prices were very reasonable for Copenhagen. I had the sandwich with vegan cheese which convinced me. It was nicely arranged and tasted yummy. Unfortunately the chocolate mousse was way too heavy and sweet for me. But my friend enjoyed it a lot, so try it to form an opinion. 😉

vegan in copenhagenvegan in copenhagenvegan in copenhagenvegan in copenhagen

The Organic Boho

Gothersgade 5, 1123 København

Ibiza inspired, small, organic take-away. Even though there is a small bench in front of the café, it seems more to be a place for take-away. They have a “Mantra Menu”, where every dish has a motivating mantra. They serve breakfast bowls, juices, smoothies, wraps and salads. I had a wrap with falafel and bell peppers and the “I am unique” juice with watermelon, cucumber and ginger, which both tasted yummy. Rather on the pricy side, considering that it is not a place to sit down for a proper meal and the portions are more a snack than a full meal (or I am just so piggy). 😉 Furnished with loving care and tropical details (cacti, colorful paintings on the wall – major love!) it is a convenient place to grab a snack when in the neighborhood.

vegan in copenhagen boho3vegan in copenhagen


Gråbrødretorv 9, 1154 København

I read about this place in the SWISS magazine on my way to Copenhagen, as by chance Copenhagen was the destination of the month. Rather pricy, but so, so worth it. So far my most favorite restaurant in KBH. Raw, vegan and a huge variety of dishes. Chic, tasty, but casual ambience with plants hanging from the ceiling. Extended menu, from ramen, raw cakes, burger, appetizer, zoodles (zucchini “pasta”), rice paper rolls… Everything on the menu looked absolutely delicious and I had a hard time deciding what to order (that’s the “downside” when everything is vegan). 🙂 I chose the vegan burger with vegan cheese, as I was starving and a cheese cake for dessert. Their vegansk (vegan) burger with sweet potato fries is to die for. I will be back for more! Just waiting for a nice occasion to go there for brunch.

vegan in copenhagenvegan in copenhagenvegan in copenhagen

Vegan friendly

Falafel Factory

Nørrebrogade 63, 2200 København

Another one in Nørrebro. Not directly a vegan place, but the oriental cuisine generally offers a lot of vegan options. This self-serving café is perfect for a quick lunch or an in-between snack. I opted for a Falafel Sandwich (62DKK), that can be prepared vegan on request. It was a pita filled with three different kinds of falafel and lots of varieties and options to choose from. Tahini, beetroot falafel, salad with apple … to name a few items that could be chosen. The pita was really yummy and filling. Casual atmosphere and super friendly staff.

vegan in copenhagenvegan in copenhagen

Nørrebro. Besides Falafel Factory, I can also recommend the Ethiopian restaurant Ma’ed for lunch. Not only because of their lunch offer for 59DKK (which is a really, really good price for Copenhagen!), but also because of the experience when eating Ethiopian food.

What is your favorite place for  eating vegan in Copenhagen? Can you recommend any other vegan places I haven’t been to yet? 




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