Wanderlust – 10 Must Visit Destinations.

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It’s not a big news that I am constantly suffering from an incurable wanderlust. But what does that ubiquitous word “wanderlust” mean anyway? I’ve found a lot of definitions online that all have the same approach.


wanderlust = 
a strong desire 
to travel and explore 
the world.

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Once the travel bug bites

Is this good or bad? First of all there is nothing bad about being incredibly interested into traveling. But here is the thing about my wanderlust: the more I travel the worse it gets. To me there are too many beautiful places on this planet I haven’t seen, but long to visit. Therefore I have a bucket list with places I need to see and visit and it is constantly being updated (meaning: extended). But it gets worse as I make a note on my bucket list of everything that seems worth visiting. It’s not the case that I am constantly in search for new destinations, but I get inspired by a lot of things and the urge to wander overcomes me. What looks like an inspiring travel collection makes it tricky for me to actually choose one item at a time and to work through that list.


Where to go to next?

While I am currently planning my summer getaway I have a hard time choosing the right destination (as always..).  Since I only have a very little time some of the items on the top of my bucket list can’t be considered. Too far away, too complex to get there or hopelessly overbooked flights. The result is, I haven’t decided yet.
But in the meantime I have prepared a list with some destinations I was already lucky enough to tick off my bucket list. These 10 destinations are “approved by Carola” since they will make you pack your suitcase and immediately board the next plane. Here comes the holiday feeling galore!

Warning: Continue at your own risk, since these destinations cause instant wanderlust. 🙂


Wanderlust – 10 Must Visit Destinations

Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Abu Dhabi 1 | www.CtheSky.com Abu Dhabi 2 | www.CtheSky.com Abu Dhabi 3 | www.CtheSky.com Abu Dhabi 5 | www.CtheSky.com


Athens, Greece.

Athen 3 | www.CtheSky.comAthen 2 | www.CtheSky.comAthen 5 | www.CtheSky.com


Cape Town, South Africa.

Here you will find my blogpost about Cape Town.

Capetown 4 | www.CtheSky.comCapetown 6 | www.CtheSky.comCapetown 2 | www.CtheSky.com Capetown 3 | www.CtheSky.com


Hong Kong.

Hong Kong 4 | www.CtheSky.comHong Kong 1 | www.CtheSky.comHong Kong 5 | www.CtheSky.com


Langkawi, Malaysia.

Langkawi 1 | www.CtheSky.comLangkawi 4 | www.CtheSky.com Langkawi 3 | www.CtheSky.com Langkawi 5 | www.CtheSky.comLangkawi 2 | www.CtheSky.com


Petra & the Dead Sea, Jordan.

Here you will find my blogpost about Petra.

Petra5 Petra17 Petra18 Petra23Petra 3


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rio 1 | www.CtheSky.comRio 2 | www.CtheSky.com Rio 3 | www.CtheSky.com Rio 4 | www.CtheSky.com


Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Mexico 1 | www.CtheSky.comMexico 2 | www.CtheSky.comMexico 3 | www.CtheSky.comMexico 5 | www.CtheSky.com

Tel Aviv, Jerusalem & the Dead Sea, Israel.

TLV 1 | www.CtheSky.com TLV 4 | www.CtheSky.comTLV 2 | www.CtheSky.com TLV 3 | www.CtheSky.comTLV 5 | www.CtheSky.com


Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Zanzibar 1 | www.CtheSky.com Zanzibar 2 | www.CtheSky.comZanzibar 4 | www.CtheSky.com Zanzibar 3 | www.CtheSky.com


Do you also suffer from incurable wanderlust? 
Have you been to one of this destinations before?
What destinations are on your bucket-list?


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  1. Dani says:

    Soooo tolle Bilder <3

  2. Isabella says:

    WowI have been only in Mexico but the others are on my bucket-list! Look at my travel blog if you want

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