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Hey fellow traveler and adventure seeker,

a few days ago I was updating my personal world map for the blog. And I realized I was setting foot on country #47 when traveling to Finland last week. Looking at this map it still feels so surreal to me. I am really, really grateful for every place I was able to see. And it’s nothing I take it for granted. Before I started flying seven years ago I’ve neven been outside of Europe. A lot has changed over the past years. Now the world feels almost ‘small’ to me, even though there is a LOT I haven’t seen yet (there is still a lot of grey on the map..).

Traveling truly changed me and I can only recommend it to everyone. If you have the possibility: DO IT! You will only regret the trips you did not take.  I never regret a trip I took. In the worst case it taught me something about myself, the world and life. At best I had the time of my life, stories to tell and memories I will cherish forever.

There are countless of options to travel and if you look outside the box you will find even more possibilities. From jobs that involve some traveling (hello cabin crew, working on a cruise or as an au-pair), to studying or doing some volunteering work abroad. From buying a one-way ticket to a place far away, to road-tripping in your own country, to purchasing an interrail pass and discover more of the continent. There are as many options as countries in this world.

The reason I’m telling you about this world map is because it makes it easier for you to look for a specific destination on the blog. Those countries colored in a darker shade of blue are the ones I’ve been to. But those countries colored in a lighter shade of blue are the ones I wrote articles about. Just move your curser to a country colored in the lighter shade of blue and you will find the relevant blogposts. And the map itself can be found on the main page of my blog.

Happy reading and happy wanderlust.

xx Carola

What’s your next destination? 

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2 Responses to Worldmap.

  1. Markus says:

    Hello Carola!
    47 countries, impressive!
    There are so many beautiful places, and you show us your favourites in your pretty posts.
    Thank you for sharing!
    One of my favourite countries is Italy, I love the lifestyle and design, the language, pasta & pizza, the sea and the wonderful small towns and also the popular places like Toskana, Rome, Sardegna, Milano…
    You haven’t written about Italy yet.
    Would be nice to hear your opinion about it.
    Ciao Markus

    • Carola says:

      Ciao Markus!
      Thanks for your lovely comment! <3 I am glad you join me on this journey around the world!
      You're right, I have to see much more about Italy. I have only been to Roma, Firenze and Lago di Garda. I really love the country, the people and of course the food.
      In the meantime I will read your article and dream about Italy.
      Safe travels, Carola

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